WG4 Cross-cutting and integration


COST ES0602’s overall ambition is well reflected in the Action’s title Towards a European Network of Chemical Weather Forecast and Information Systems. It is only through the pro-active cooperation and collaboration of many actors from different fields and many different institutions that significant advances along this pathway will be possible.

In order to further strengthen cooperation, collaboration and networking, COST ES0602 established a dedicated working group/package (WG4/WP4) on cross-cutting and integration issues in autumn 2008.


WG4’s objective is to support the overall goal of the Action and in particular its work packages WG1, WG2 and WG3 on cross-cutting and integration tasks.

In particular, WG4 offers a collaborative forum for the exchange of ideas between scientists and researchers but also meteorological services, modelers and observation providers, environmental agencies and international initiatives. Through the improvement of networking between different actors in Europe and worldwide, WG4 aims to help avoiding the fragmentation of European research in the field of chemical weather.


  • Coordinate the Action’s liaison with projects (e.g., GEMS, PROMOTE, MACC, CITYZEN, MEGAPOLI, GEOMON), other COST Actions (e.g., COST 728, COST ES0603), international organizations (e.g., EUMETNET, ECMWF, WMO), conventions and initiatives (e.g., EMEP, INSPIRE, SEIS, GMES, Airnow) and relevant bodies of the EU (e.g., EEA, JRC)
    • Stimulate and establish contacts to representatives or projects and organizations
    • Maintain overview of the Action’s network of links and its position in the European/global landscape
  • Stimulate and coordinate joint actions (e.g. workshops/special sessions, synthesis, analysis, reviews, articles) on matters of cross-cutting/joint interest (e.g. user needs for integrated and harmonized CW services and products, provider needs to ensure service delivery, thematic integration of AQ and meteorology).
  • Coordinate the Action’s input to external consultations (e.g. on in-situ data requirements for the sustainable provision of CW services by means of CW forecast and information systems).
  • Quality assure the performance of the Action and help to improve the quality of its work, e.g. through surveying model evaluation, encouraging refereed publications etc.


  • Alexander Baklanov
  • Alexandra Monteiro
  • Ana Isabel Miranda
  • Elizabeth Bossioli
  • Jaakko Kukkonen
  • Karin Sjöberg
  • Kostadin Ganev
  • Kostas Karatzas
  • Mikko Kolehmainen
  • Paul Agnew
  • Paul Willis
  • Roberto San Jose
  • Thomas Klein


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.