WP2 - Multi-scale forecasting, multi-model ensemble, boundary data

Key areas and tasks

  • existing operational forecasting tools
  • QA tools, methods, criteria, experience, requirements for measurement data.
  • ensembles (single- / multi-model), existing / developing, experience;
  • NRT data assimilation into AQ models;
  • experience in short-term emission abatement, possible network contribution.
  • boundary conditions for meso- or local-scale applications.


  • Evaluation of existing AQMs, their scores, formats, tools, requirements to input data;
  • Assessment of multi-model ensembles for CW forecasting and guidelines for their interpretation;
  • Assessment of possibilities and gains of data assimilation (in-situ / remote-sensing);
  • Recommendations on scientific and technical issues regarding the multi-scale forecasts;
  • Recommendations on the network contribution to the short-term emission reduction.


  • Alexandra Monteiro
  • Ana Isabel Miranda
  • Anastasia Poupkou
  • Eleni Katragkou
  • Elizabeth Bossioli
  • Enrico Pisoni
  • Giovanna Finzi
  • Jaakko Kukkonen
  • Kostadin Ganev
  • Kostas Karatzas
  • Krisztina Labancz
  • Marcus Hirtl
  • Marko Kaasik
  • Paul Agnew
  • Pavel Kishcha
  • Roberto San Jose
  • Thomas Klein
  • Zita Ferenczi


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.