WP1 - Exchange of AQ forecasts and input data

Identify problems related to both observational and model data and their exchange in near real time

Major areas and key tasks:

  • Identification of requirements for data exchange (all kinds of data needed for CWF)
  • Investigation of infrastructure needed to meet the identified demands.


  • Catalogue of available forecast data with characteristics (resolution, domain, frequency, etc) in different European countries.
  • A list of input variables, meta-data and quality information to be kept in databases.
  • Assessment of measurement data (including satellite data) necessary for model validation and assimilation in cooperation with WP2.
  • Specification of harmonized data format and exchange protocol for CW forecast data
  • Recommendations for infrastructure needed to handle the NRT data exchange, storage and processing


  • Alberto Cansado
  • Dimiter Syrakov
  • Giuseppe Frustaci
  • Jaakko Kukkonen
  • Karin Sjöberg
  • Kostas Karatzas
  • Paul Agnew
  • Paul Willis
  • Roberto San Jose
  • Thomas Klein


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.